We will discover the immensity of native forests and then camp near the lake and enjoy a sunset reflected in its calm waters. For the following day: Climb up the trail to the viewpoint of the Yates Volcano as part of a two-night experience at the Hornopiren Park, the first stop on our trip along

Punitaqui is located in Coquimbo’s region, in the province of Limarí, 70 Kms of Ovalle. It is a bouldering destination with incredible potential discovered a short time ago. The destination is famous for their windmills, goat cheese, wine production, pisco and their important indigenous archaeology. The climbing in Punitaqui offers many possibilities on blocks of

National Parks conservation: Fixing trails in Torres del Paine-Patagonia. During this summer i was working with two foundations as a volunteer in Torres del Paine. The idea was to restore a segment of the W circuit. After crossing this part of the trail many times and have complained of the quality of infrastructure, I finally