Hornopiren national park – The Alerce woods trek

We will discover the immensity of native forests and then camp near the lake and enjoy a sunset reflected in its calm waters.

For the following day: Climb up the trail to the viewpoint of the Yates Volcano as part of a two-night experience at the Hornopiren Park, the first stop on our trip along the Austral Highway.

These landscapes can be overshadowed by other parks in the area that have had a greater popularity and diffusion with better access and infrastructure, however some of us enjoy to access less intervened places that give you a unique experience.

The Hornopiren National Park is considered the gateway to the austral highway, an incredible road that runs south through various touristic attractions and natural parks.

Piren: Snow furnace in Mapudungun because of the volcano, located in the Lake District 100 km from the city of Puerto Montt, the park was created in 1988 and has almost 50 thousand hectares.

This protected area is a reserve of the biosphere of the temperate rain forests of the southern Andes and is covered in 50% of vegetation with almost 9 thousand hectares of alerces (fitzroya cupressoides).


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